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Born in 1973, Ben is a film editor with almost two decades of work for numerous directors and production companies covering cinema, TV and advertising.


Prior to establishing Drum and Colours Ltd in 2003, Ben worked extensively in London’s Soho district as a post production coordinator for Woodpecker Film, where he doubled as in-house editor.


Through the years, Ben’s grasp of dramatic narrative has developed to the point where screenwriters, producers and directors alike rely on him for script analysis in addition to his normal responsibilities as film editor.

His work on Unknown Soldier (Tuntematon Sotilas) and  “Vuosaari” (Naked Harbour) have both received a nomination for ‘best editing’ at the Finnish Jussi Awards.


Adept to edit on location anywhere in the world, Ben is highly proficient on Final Cut Pro X & 7, Media Composer and PPro CC systems, and has feature-film scale practical knowledge for editorial logistics on- and off-location.


Ben is a popular lecturer at the Tampere University of Applied Sciences – school of Art and Media. Other appearances as a guest speaker include: the Department of Film and Television at Aalto University -Helsinki, the Resonanssi Sound Seminar, and SELO (the Association of Finnish Film Directors).
By request, Ben has lectured to editors at the Finnish Broadcasting company (YLE TV2) and tutored editing workshops such as “Young Cinema in Zambia” and “Film Rave” in Poznan, Poland.
Ben participated in a masterclass under French film editor Hervé Schnitt, organized by the European Film Association in Berlin.

Here you can watch Ben giving two short talks in Amsterdam and Barcelona.



“My approach to editing—regarding its nature and my methodology—can be summed up into three words:





I hold there can be, and is a rational and objective approach to film editing. Its consequence inspires an emergence of the unexpected.

A kind of original beauty out of structural discipline and non-partisan principles.”



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